Saturday, 25 June 2011

A closer look at racism in Waterford Kamhlaba


How is everybody on that side of the world? ;)

First, if people are reading this and going something like "pink? Seriously Daniel?" then I have two things to say to you. 
  1. Pink is an awesome colour. Without pink, we would not have pigs, we would not have the pink panther ( :O ), and a certain well known singer would be called Purple(which just doesn't have that same ring to it, I don't think)
  2. Secondly, I have used every other colour, and unless you want to read in yellow, which looks something like this, or in white, which is kinda worse than yellow, stop complaining, because pink is awesome.

If you are one of those people who always seem to argue the difference between pink and purple, seriously, just let it go this time.

All right... now where do we start? Well, it's 12am now, but my first class tomorrow is at something like a quarter to eleven so I don't have to be too worried... 

Oh, welcome to whoever is reading this from Denmark and France! Hej and Bonjour! I don't know much about Danish but Lykke or Emil might teach me sometime... As for French... Well just bear with my French jokes its not that I hate the language its just learning it. Language is not my gift. 

The official stats page: world map. Notice how Fiji is very invisible.
It's a triple birthday today, so happy 17th birthday to Sofia(USA),  and 18th to Priscilla(Mozambique) and Ingrid(Norway). Also a happy birthday for Ximena, who turned 19 yesterday. We all had a good night at Finesse last Friday, everyone seemed drunk but I assure you noone was! I'm sure the workers at Finesse groan every time a crazy loud 20 member band from Waterford come down for a meal. Also happy birthday to David Low I believe?

Eli: Camping is in-tents. 
My suitcase- notice anything
weird inside?

On Saturday, we had a program called Common Ground. It was supposed to deal with issues such as racism and sexism and all. I swear everyone came out of it more racist and sexist then going in! :P It was not a great program, though we did enjoy it to an extent. Being United World College students, we are not very discriminating anyways. 

One of the activities, we were sitting in a room, and all the 'Caucasian' (read: white) students had to leave the room. Then the rest of us came up with honest words and stereotypes to describe them. Some examples for Caucasian were: Arrogant, colonizer (LOL), tree huggers, never bath. And these aren't even the worst ones! AWKWARD. There were some nice ones as well though. They did this for each group, and I found out that people of mixed blood (half castes- that's me!) are violent. Yeah, I know right? So next time I'm back in Fiji, just watch it around me ok? Don't mess! ;P I must say I was already disappointed that they separated us by race, but separating us by colour was quite un-UWC. 
'Mountain end' of the sports field with the
mount Kelly behind

Going back to the cafeteria tactics, Priscilla had something to add: when you do succeed in getting seconds, DON'T celebrate! 

The other night, I dreamt I was in Tappoocity. Don't ask me why. I don't know either. But it was so real! That's all. During TOK (Theory of Knowledge) class, I fell asleep, and when I woke up I really thought I was in my bedroom at home! Homesick? Not really. I do miss all the people back home for sure, but there is a lot to do/experience over here and keep me busy. 

You know it is cold when the Norwegians are complaining... Damn. I mean, I know I've said this many times, but it IS cold!

Just random- for Fay, Ji, Michael Liu, Hui Chi, Sekaia- my math homework- PROVE the law of Integration. If you don't remember what integration is, skip down to next paragraph. If you do know what integration is, skip down to next paragraph. (like any of you are even going to try). Don't try. I just want to show an idea of a normal day in maths higher level.

Dimitri and I did go running down the hill yesterday again. I sprinted the last climb, and 
spent about 10 minutes trying to catch my breath afterward. The hill behind the school is about 1400 metres above sea level, which is higher than Mount Victoria (tallest mountain in Fiji, if you don't know) and Mbabane city is about 1200 metres above sea level I estimate, which is, also higher than Mount Victoria. 

Just imagine if this blog was read to you by Vikash Prasad of One National News eh? LOL

Disturbed Murray...
Wimbledon has started... Just watch Andy Roddick take it this year... Roger Federer is kallas. Rafael Nadal is gonna get dengue fever (yes, in London) and be out for the quarter final, while Novak Djokovic will finally get caught for those drugs he has been taking all this year and be suspended. Meanwhile Andy Murray will join a cult group and have to shoot off to Venezuela for his initiation. But Roddick has this... Go A-ROD!

Oh, and I agree with Itu... Wimbledon is definitely corrupt. How can Isner-Mahut magically play each other twice in two years? 

Ok. Time to go now. (whole world: "AWWWWWWW") Sorry world! I'll be back next week. 

Enjoy your week. Stay young! :D

Moce jo! ;)


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